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ClearCorrect in San Antonio, Texas

Advanced dental technologies have revolutionized the field of orthodontics. While traditional braces may be the best option in some cases, milder instances of misaligned teeth can be corrected with the use of clear aligners.

ClearCorrect aligners are plastic trays that fit over your teeth and move them gently over time into the desired position. The process is easy and more comfortable than wearing traditional braces.

We recommend ClearCorrect aligners ton correct a variety of orthodontic conditions. Gaps between teeth can be closed and crowded teeth can be brought back into alignment. Overbites or underbites can be corrected as well. If your teeth are crooked or turned out of alignment, ClearCorrect can move them back into position.

Calling Huebner Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics is your first step in determining whether or not ClearCorrect clear aligners are for you. After an examination of the severity of your misalignment issue, the orthodontist will make a recommendation and devise a treatment plan to fit your circumstances.

The advantages of ClearCorrect clear aligners are many. Unlike traditional braces there are no metal parts to cause irritation. The aligners are constructed in the USA and made from clear plastic.

They are smooth, and while they fit snugly on your teeth, they come out easily when it is time for you to eat or brush and floss your teeth. ClearCorrect aligners allow you to eat all your favorite foods while your teeth are being straightened. You will not need to deal with a restricted diet. Just take out your aligners for meals and replace them when you are finished. Oral hygiene is easier with aligners as well.

You will not have to worry about food traps or hard to clean areas on your teeth.

Your orthodontist will explain in detail how your particular treatment plan will work. Basically, you will receive a set of aligners every three weeks or so. Your teeth will move during the time you wear the aligners as each set brings your teeth into a new position. After about a year, your teeth will be straight.

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