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Teeth Whitening in San Antonio, Texas

Many people are not aware of the fact that dull dingy teeth can make a person look older than their chronological age. Applying creams and smoothing out wrinkles may help some, but whitening your teeth can drop years off your appearance making you look younger and more vital than ever. Come to Huebner Smiles Dentsitry and Orthodontics for cosmetic dentistry and let us show you how refreshed and younger you can look just by getting your teeth professionally whitened.

Throughout the years, our teeth get stained and they begin to look dull and dingy. It happens at such a slow rate, you may not even be aware of it until you see for yourself the difference whitening can make. Foods that are dark in color such as berries and certain spices can stain teeth when they are consumed on a regular basis. Beverages are also culprits when it comes to stains. Heavy coffee drinkers wind up with dull looking teeth overtime as do those who enjoy red wine. People who drink tea on a regular basis are not exempt either.

Does this mean you give up these foods and beverages because they cause your teeth to look old and add years to your appearance? Of course not. What you can do is come to and have your teeth professionally whitened.

Nu Radiance Whitening

If you have had your teeth whitened before and experienced sensitivity, it is time for you to come to us and experience the Nu Radiance whitening system. This product has different strengths of whitening power with wonderful results. It also has three different formulas so that sensitivity is kept to a minimum or eliminated altogether. With Nu Radiance whitening you can whiten your teeth at home without worry of doing damage to the tooth enamel.

If you are ready to shave years off your appearance by getting your teeth whitened, contact today. Let us put you on the road to your whitest smile ever.

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