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Composite Fillings in San Antonio, Texas

Everyone would like to have a beautiful smile full of bright, white teeth. Such a smile exudes confidence and vitality. Dental decay can mar the beauty of your smile and leave you feeling embarrassed about your teeth. Fortunately, composite dental fillings restore your smile to its former beauty with no telltale trace of dental work.

Traditionally, amalgam fillings have been used in back teeth. Composite fillings were too weak and not durable enough to withstand the pressures exerted while chewing. Dental materials and techniques in cosmetic dentistry have advanced and evolved tremendously lately, providing filling compounds that are far superior to those of the past. Composite resins now have new applications. They are more durable and stronger than ever and are used in a variety of dental treatments, including some fillings located on back teeth. Now you can have a bright, white smile no matter how many fillings you have in your teeth.

What Is Composite Resin?

Ceramic or glass along with plastic are the basic components of composite resins. There are many types, and they each are used for different types of fillings. Each type has its own set of advantages. Composites used in molars are often placed with the use of a special blue light. These types of composites need light to activate the hardening properties of the material. The composite is placed down in layers with the light applied each time. This ensures a well-fitting, hardened filling that can withstand the pressures and grinding to which molars are subjected.

Composite fillings are made to match the color of the tooth in which they are used, giving the tooth a natural look. They are smoothed and polished so that they even feel like your natural tooth.

At Huebner Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics, we use composite fillings so that your smile will stay beautiful as well as healthy. Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation regarding white composite fillings or any of our cosmetic dental treatments.

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