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Orthodontics in San Antonio, Texas

In the past, orthodontics always meant a mouth full of metal brackets and wires to straighten your teeth. While it is true that some situations still call for tradition braces, the practice of orthodontics and dental care treatments has evolved considerably. More information is now known about how teeth move through the bone.

A consultation with the orthodontist at Huebner Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics will help you decide what is the most efficient method of straightening your teeth or those of your child. Contact us and make your consultation appointment today.

Causes and Cures for Misalignment

Teeth can be misaligned for a variety of reasons. Habitual behaviors such as thumb-sucking or tongue thrusting can move teeth out of alignment over time. Allowing your child to stay on the bottle too long can create misalignment. Natural causes such as overcrowding or spaces occurring between teeth that are too small for the jawbone can also lead to misalignment. Missing teeth are another cause and sometimes teeth can grow in crooked.

Options for straightening teeth depend on many factors. The age of the patient, the reason for the misalignment, and the severity of the misalignment is all taken into consideration when determining the best solution for straightening. Minor problems with anterior teeth may respond well to systems using aligners. This method requires clear plastic covers to be worn over the teeth for 22 hours a day. The covers are removed for eating and oral hygiene. Easy to use and convenient, this option is one that many people appreciate when there is not an extensive amount of change that needs to happen.

More severe misalignment may call for traditional braces. The good news is that traditional braces look and fit better than they have in the past. Young people can now make a fashion statement with their braces using colored rubber bands and bracket.

Cutting-edge research, along with new technologies, has made orthodontics a more fluid discipline resulting in newer and more efficient methods of straightening teeth. It has also given a new look to traditional methods.

Huebner Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics has a staff that is trained and experienced in using the newest of technologies to give beautiful results in straightening teeth. We offer a variety of treatments to handle the many different cases presented.

Not everyone desiring have straight teeth needs braces. In certain circumstances, braces will yield the best results. Whether you need more intensive orthodontic treatment or minor movement of anterior teeth, we can address your need. We offer:

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