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Gap Closure in San Antonio, Texas

A gap, or diastema, between your teeth can occur for a variety of reasons.
Some gaps are small while others, caused by missing teeth, can be quite large.

At Huebner Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics, we offer several cosmetic dental treatments for gap closure depending on your circumstances. Diastema is one of the popular reasons people turn to cosmetic dentistry. Gaps between teeth can make a person self-conscious and withdrawn in an attempt to hide their smile. Gap closure treatment is determined by the size and the cause of the gap. The patient’s age is also a factor in determining a treatment plan.

Causes and Treatments for Diastema

Gaps between teeth are common. Some occur naturally while others are the result of habitual behaviors. A child may develop a gap between her teeth if the frenum is larger than normal. The frenum is the wedge of tissue above the two front teeth that extends from the gum to the inside of the upper lip. When this tissue is oversized and continues to grow between the two front teeth, the natural closing process between the teeth is blocked and a gap results. This can often be remedied by a frenectomy, a procedure where the frenum is reduced so the teeth can close on their own. Another natural cause of diastema is due to the teeth being too small for the jaw. Thumb sucking is an example of gaps formed by habitual behavior. This can cause the front teeth to be pushed out of alignment with gaps occurring between the teeth.

In some cases, small teeth can be widened with crowns or veneers. Orthodontics may be used as well to close the gaps between teeth. The method by which the gap or gaps will be closed will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment. Your dentist will examine your teeth to determine the most effective method of resolving the problem.

You do not have to be self-conscious about gaps between your teeth anymore. Contact Huebner Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics today and talk to a dentist to find out what treatment plan will work best for your situation.

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