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Metal Braces in San Antonio, Texas

There are several options when it comes to straightening teeth. In some instances, metal braces are the method of choice for getting the job done. The metal braces of today are not as unsightly as those of the past.

Are Braces Right for Me?

The metal braces used in today’s orthodontic care are more visually appealing. Brackets are offered in a variety of colors as are elastics. When you come for a consultation about straightening your teeth, you can discuss your orthodontic treatment options. If the recommendation is that you consider traditional braces, rest assured that this is the method most likely to yield the straightening results you are looking for.

Advantages of Traditional Braces

While there are many advantages with clear aligners and fast-acting braces, traditional metal braces have their own unique advantages. To begin with, there are some circumstances where the other methods will not provide the straightening necessary to improve your bite. Cosmetically your teeth may look fine, but your bite may still be off. Some people have experienced discomfort under these circumstances. With traditional metal braces, the orthodontist is able to monitor and direct the movement of your teeth in increments to make sure they are moving in the predetermined position. Surprises in the movement are not uncommon when straightening teeth and traditional braces allow for more natural correction and better outcomes.

Another advantage of traditional braces is the fact that they are not going to get lost or thrown out with the napkins. Untold hundreds of people have ended up searching through garbage or calling to get a new set of aligners because they wrapped them in a napkin and forgot about them. That will not happen with traditional braces.

Your orthodontist will explain how to properly care for your traditional braces. Learning to brush and floss with braces may take a little getting used to, but with practice, you will master the technique in no time at all. Be sure to keep up with all your follow up appointments. Your orthodontist uses this time to check the progress of the treatment. Taking care of your braces and keeping up with your appointments will pay off in a beautifully straight smile.

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