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What sets apart from other dental offices is not just our ambiance, but also our attention to detail and our highly skilled professionals. You will find that we have one of the friendliest and caring dental teams in the area. Your comfort is one of our top priorities. When you come to us for dental care services, you will leave feeling like you just had a spa date for your mouth!

If you are searching for a dental practice where your voice matters, where trust is earned and your concerns addressed with respect, you will find all that and more at our office. Like any family, we want our family members to feel good about themselves, be healthy, and look great. Oral care is a serious matter. It is the foundation of overall health. Poor oral health affects just more than your appearance.

Research shows that poor oral health can take a toll on your heart health, resulting in a heart attack or stroke. It can also affect pregnancy leading to premature birth and low birth weight. Type 2 diabetes has also been linked to poor oral health. When you are a part of the Huebner Smiles Dental and Orthodontics family, we will do everything to ensure that your oral health is the best it can be and that you have a bright and healthy smile.

Contact us today to book your appointment. Become a part of the family and get on the road to oral health.

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